Contact Lenses provide a convenient alternative to glasses for vision correction.

Some people like to mix n match, wearing their spectacles most of the time and contact lenses for special occasions or sports, others may prefer to wear contact lenses all day and only use their glasses in the evening – but with contact lenses the choice is yours.

Contact Lens technologies are ever evolving and in recent years they have become thinner and more moisture retentive, allowing the wearer to feel more comfortable in their contact lenses for longer. So even if you have been unsuccessful in fitting or wearing contact lenses in the past, it may be worth another try.

If you decide to trial contact lenses as a method of vision correction, our highly skilled optometrists will assess your ocular prescription and discuss your contact lens requirements with you. Based on this consultation we will provide you with the contact lens we believe best suits your needs. We will then spend time with you, showing you how to fit, remove and care for your contact lenses. You will be provided with a number of trial lenses to take home after your initial consultation to see how you get on with them.

A follow up appointment will be made to ensure you can handle the contact lenses safely and confidently and a further eye examination will take place to ensure the health of your eyes are not adversely affected by the contact lenses.

If you are happy to continue with the contact lenses, you can order with us on an ongoing basis through direct debit, or on an adhoc basis as you require more lenses.

An annual contact lens check is recommended to ensure the eyes are still healthy while wearing the contact lenses and also to advise you of any new lenses that may better meet your requirements. These aftercare check ups are included free of charge if you decide to order your contact lenses with us on an ongoing basis.

For information on looking after your contact lenses at home see our information page